When damage has occurred to your property, either through natural or man-made disaster, a reconstruction service can help you restore it to its original state. Reconstruction services can help you assess the damage and make a plan for rebuilding your home, office, or other damaged property. They can assist in identifying materials needed, provide cost estimates and timelines for completion of the project, coordinate with subcontractors and skilled trade workers, and oversee the entire construction process from start to finish.
AAA Standard Services provides quality reconstruction services to help clients restore their property after a disaster. Our experienced team will work quickly and efficiently to assess the damage, develop a plan of action, and begin the reconstruction process. We have access to the necessary equipment and materials for any size project and are dedicated to providing a high-level of customer service.

What We Do

AAA Standard Services, one of the top providers of disaster cleaning services, is always ready to give high-quality and effective cleanup and restoration solutions. No project is too hard or too simple for us to undertake with our trademark knowledge and skill. Whether your property has just been wrecked by flood waters, ravaged by a storm, or progressively encroached upon by poisonous mold spores, we can handle it!

With our reconstruction services, we can bring your property back to its former glory. Our reconstruction experts have years of experience in the field and they understand what it takes to restore a property to its pre-disaster condition. We utilize the most modern technology and methods for rebuilding and renovating buildings, so you can rest assured that your property will be restored in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

With a single phone call, our team quickly mobilizes to provide you with the response you need in a day or less. When we arrive, an initial examination and evaluation will be performed to determine your needs.

Each of our professionals has extensive experience in disaster management and prevention, so they are well-equipped to not only inspect your property and identify areas that would benefit from our reconstruction services, but also to devise a plan of action to better protect your home or establishment from further damage.

The process by which AAA Standard Services handles reconstruction is simple but effective:

1. Assessment: We will assess the damage and inspect your property to find out what needs to be done for a successful rebuilding process.

2. Planning: We will plan out the necessary steps to be taken for successful reconstruction and provide you with a detailed report of what needs to be done.

3. Reconstruction: We will then take steps to restore your property and bring it back to its original condition as soon as possible.

4. Follow Up: Once the reconstruction has been completed, we will do a final assessment to make sure that your property is restored to its pre-disaster condition. We will also provide you with feedback and recommendations for further improvements.

Our Process

With just one call, our team mobilizes immediately to get the response you need in a day or less. Upon arrival, an initial inspection and assessment will take place to identify your needs.

With extensive experience in disaster management and prevention, each of our professionals is well-equipped to not only inspect your property and identify areas that would benefit from our containment services, but also to devise a plan of action to better protect your home or establishment from further damage.

The first step in containment is to establish a clean point. We search through the home or business to pin-point where the problem began and what the risks are. Following that, we work our way around the area of concern and isolate the defective or suspect components. Once we’ve identified the problem, we devise comprehensive solutions to prevent it from happening again.

We also have a world-class team of environmentalists that can perform an interior air quality test and detect any other health risk, such as mold and water damage, in order to ensure healthy living conditions.

Why Choose Us

Founded in 1964, AAA Standard Services, Inc. has long been the industry leader in fire, water, and mold damage restoration in homes and businesses. As a locally owned and family operated business, we place a high value on providing our clients with the respect and care they deserve.

Because most of our consumers frequently use our services during difficult and stressful times, we ensure to provide the perfect balance between compassionate care and high-quality service.

Whether you’re dealing with a damaged roof, fire-damaged walls, or water-soaked floors — we have all the necessary skills and experience built over decades at your disposal.

Contact AAA Standard Services, an industry leader today.

One of the simplest and most cost-effective methods to return your property to its former glory after a major disaster is to use AAA’s reconstruction services. We also provide a variety of other services, including:

If you have any questions or issues, or if you’d like to request a service with as little as 24 hours response time, please contact us at 419-535-0274 or 866-535-0274.