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The #1 Cleanup Specialists in Perrysburg Whenever Disaster Strikes

At AAA Standard Services, Inc., we know disasters can happen anytime, and when they do, they leave behind a huge mess. As a property owner, this is a devastating period, as nothing ever prepares you for the aftermath of any type of disaster. Since we understand the challenges you’ll face, we have established ourselves as the go-to disaster cleanup specialists in Perrysburg, OH that you can always count on.

We offer 24/7 comprehensive cleanup aftermath services in Perrysburg for disasters caused by water, fire, and storms. No job is ever too big or too complicated for us; get in touch with us today, and let us help get your property back to normal.

Rapid and Well-Planned Disaster Cleanup

Every minute after a disaster counts as you need to ensure no further damage happens and that you get your space is restored to its initial state. For this reason, we guarantee expert services on the following:

Expert Assessment

We have a team of certified restoration and insurance claim specialists who understand that each client requires tailored solutions to suit the needs at hand. As such, before we start our cleanups, we first examine your property to determine the level of damage and how much work is required. Our insurance claim experts will further act as an intermediary with your insurer, ensuring everything stays on track and that you get deserved compensation per your policy.

Superior Equipment

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment, which enables our team to complete even the most complicated job quickly and efficiently. Armed with these tools, we are confident that we will leave your residential, commercial, or industrial property sparkling clean and ready for use.

Adherence to Industry’s Highest Standards

As a top-rated disaster cleanup company in Perrysburg, we pride ourselves on constantly exceeding our clients’ expectations. We strictly adhere to the industry’s highest standards, leaving nothing to chance as we bring your property back to its initial condition.

Timely Completions

The last thing you want after facing a disaster is to spend weeks or months on end before you can use your property. At AAA Standard Services, Inc., we value your convenience and will do everything possible to ensure your property is well-cleaned in the shortest period.

Our Residential and Commercial Disaster Cleanup Services

water damage

Water Damage Restoration in Perrysburg

Has your property got damaged due to flooding or other causes, such as:

  • Water leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Sump pump failure
  • Clogged drains

Our team can arrive at your property hours after experiencing these disasters. We will ensure you get back to comfort and safety regardless of the water damage restoration using our advanced drying equipment and techniques.

fire damage

Fire Damage Restoration in Perrysburg

A home or business can catch fire for several reasons, from electric malfunctions to open fires that get out of control. No matter the cause, fire damages are never easy to handle, which is why you should rely on our expertise to restore your property properly. Our fire damage restoration experts are detail oriented and will pursue the best source of action to ensure you have a clean and odorless property.

fire damage

Storm Damage Restoration in Perrysburg

Even though storms can cause severe damage to your property, we can help clean up the mess regardless of whether it’s a caved-in roof or foundational & interior damages. Reach out to us as soon as your property gets storm damage restoration, and we will ensure these disasters do not cause long-term disruptions to your lifestyle or business.

mold test

Mold Remediation in Perrysburg

We understand it might take a while before you realize you have an underlying mold problem, but once you do, it is best to call us ASAP. Mold spreads quickly, damages property, and can cause significant health problems. Our certified mold remediators will quickly swing to action, focusing on addressing the root cause of the problem. After we get rid of the mold thru mold remediation, we will perform an indoor air quality test to ensure proper living conditions within your property.


Asbestos Removal in Perrysburg

The use of asbestos has been banned in most jurisdictions as prolonged exposure to this substance can lead to illnesses such as:

  • Malignant lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma
  • and Asbestosis

If you discover asbestos in your property, it is crucial to have them removed as fast as possible. Our team is licensed in asbestos removal with the equipment and expertise to remove these substances from your property safely.

mop bucket in office

Janitorial Services in Perrysburg

We provide professional janitorial services to save you from having to clean your property after a disaster. We focus on ensuring that every square inch of your property is sparkling clean and that each room is ready for use.

hazmat cleanup

Back-In Business Program

We understand that even after a disaster, your business must return to operations as soon as possible. Our back-in business program is designed to make it possible to return to business by restoring the state of your commercial space to its initial condition in the shortest duration.

If the damage your property suffered is extensive, we can restore the least damaged parts of your office, so you can start operations as we keep working on other areas.

The 24-Hour Disaster Emergency Team based in Perrysburg

As a locally owned and operated company that has been partnering with the community in Perrysburg for years, we understand how stressful it is to manage the aftermath of a disaster. To ensure you never settle for less, we assure you that our team is only a phone call away, 24/7, all year long. You are also guaranteed a prompt 1-hour response time, making us a highly reliable team.

We Are Here for You Whenever Disaster Strikes!!!

At AAA Standard Services, Inc., we are dedicated to helping restore your property after a disaster. Call us today for a FREE consultation, and let us help you get your life back to normal.

Contact AAA Standard Services, an industry leader today.

I just wanted to compliment you and your staff on an awesome job they did helping us with our minor cleanup. Your staff is very personable and very professional and I am quite impressed with how efficiently they worked in our home… Thank you for doing such a great job!!


Sandusky, OH