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2017 Class Schedule

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Microbiology 101 (4 CEU’s) #44570 – MI #64562

(IICRC Event #2044 – .5 credits IICRC only)
Instructor: Vickey Johnson

Want to know more about the world you cannot see? This class is geared towards informing the agents and other parties involved in mold remediation services. It will include topics such as: common issues, symptoms, sources of fungi, historical aspects, humidity and how it affects growth, inspections, sampling, air monitoring, when to and not to test, evaluation and the most commonly asked question; what is clean? This course will also arm you with standard details from the EPA and the New York City Guidelines as well as other reference material. Do you know when respirators are needed? Do you know if the mold is caused by the loss? Arm yourself with this all inclusive jam packed class that will help you deal with your claims and have a heads up in the industry!

Knowledge of the Industry (4 CEU’s) #44733 – MI #64563

Instructor: Vickey Johnson
(IICRC Event #2042 – .5 credits IICRC only)

What goes wrong on the job and why? This class will discuss topics such as; what to expect from your contractors, the chemicals used and how they may affect the homeowner, training, cause and effect, structural cleaning, carpet, PH levels, deadly mixtures, what goes wrong, can things be fixed, safety and how it affects the bottom line, the customer and others involved with the claim. We will discuss standards and guidelines from the IICRC, AMIAQA, OSHA, CRI and SAFETY COUNCIL. The more you know, the better it gets!

Electronics Mitigation Factors (2 CEU’s) #46181 – MI #64566

Instructor: Al Opaczewski

This class will teach you all about how the cleaning process is handled in direct relation to a customer’s electronics. We’ll review types of fires, soot, water, surfaces and results. We will also discuss mitigation steps, processes, cost analysis breakdowns and factors to determine whether to restore or replace. This class will help you understand the many decisions, factors and influences within the electronics restoration industry.

Advanced Mold & Bio-Hazard Remediation (4 CEU’s) #46183 – MI #64564

Instructor: Vickey Johnson
PREREQUISIT: Microbiology 101.
(IICRC Event #2043 – .5 credits IICRC only)

This class serves as a second tier to Microbiology 101. Here we will discuss Indoor Air Quality and the cost associated with economic, legal and health matters regarding this vast issue that has been over dramatized by the press and on the internet. We’ll review building design and construction, filtration, operation, technology and the building as a habitat. We will also discuss specific illnesses and other contaminants such as radon. Plus, we offer a super “hands-on” experience you won’t soon forget! It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and educate yourself on these ever growing, all too common issues that affect our lives daily.

Understanding Fungal Reports and Mold Scopes (2 CEU’s) #46182 – MI #64565

Instructor: Vickey Johnson
PREREQUISIT: Microbiology 101 & Advanced Mold & Bio-Hazard Remediation

This class serves as a final tier on your building block journey of understanding mold and how it affects the environment. In this class we will learn to read and understand lab results and mold scopes. Learn how project separation is accomplished as well as pre and post testing and clearance, when to and not to test, what can affect results and how clean is clean. What is the air quality professional looking for? Find out in this class that is packed with two powerful hours of insight! Don’t miss it.

Fire Restoration Basics (2 CEU’s) #40853 – MI #64567

Instructor: VickeyJohnson

This class talks about what burned, heat penetration, the cleaning process, not making a bad situation worse, documenting evidence for the insurance company, itemizing, types of value, depreciation, soot, chemistry, the timeline of a fire and much more. Plus you will see hands on demonstrations of the cleaning process and how to take burned structural material back to pre-loss condition. This 2 hour class is jam packed with insight as to what your clients go through and the depth of their loss. You won’t want to miss it!

General Information on the Classes:

The curriculum for each class is developed and submitted to the states of Ohio and Michigan by our instructors. This is amazing as you will not see duplication and presentation of these classes anywhere but here at AAA Standard Services, Inc.

Juice, coffee and water along with bagels and donuts are provided for all classes beginning in the morning. Snacks and drinks are provided throughout each class. Lunches are provided and are free of charge. If you have a special diet please contact our office ahead of time to make arrangements.

Materials, paper, pens and pencils are provided for all class participants.

Our classroom holds approximately 30 people so class size is limited. Restroom facilities, a kitchenette and refrigerator are available at the rear of the classroom. This classroom and the adjoining meeting room are available for you and your agency’s use upon request free of charge. Contact one of our friendly representatives if you have any questions.

AAA Standard Services, Inc. covers the cost of the continuing education credits. You must fill out a form requesting privileged information in order for us to do this. Your privacy is highly respected and these forms are shredded once CE confirmation is obtained.

Tours of our facility will be offered at each class. Tours will take place during the lunch hour and last approximately 15 minutes. During these tours, our top notch contents department and our state of the art Electronics Department are functional and open for questions and demonstrations.

If you have any questions, call 419.535.0274. Welcome to AAA Standard Services, Inc. Enjoy your class experience.

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